Copywriting and Content writing effect

What role does the written words have in the context of digital campaigns and digital marketing in general?

Creative writing

Copywriting and Content Writing are essential parts of any marketing campaign, and their main task is to send your message to potential customers in the best possible way. When we talk about Copywriting, we primarily mean the creation of creative and authentic posts on social networks whose role is to attract as many followers as possible, which is a prerequisite for becoming recognizable on the Internet.

Posts that shape social networks

When we talk about writing posts for social networks, we mean preparing: informative posts that represent the client and his offer, educational publications that provide additional information to interested users, entertaining posts that are written in a humorous tone whose purpose is to take the audience's attention, but also to attract customers to the client, interactive announcements that involve making different types of quizzes, asking questions, surveys, and all other activities that require the participation of fans and followers. The text of the posts adapts to their different forms: from static, video, to carousel, gif, or cinemagraph types of posts. On a monthly basis, the agreed number of announcements is submitted, which are prepared in advance for each following month.

Longer formats to build your identity

Content Writing is a field of marketing that refers to writing longer text formats, primarily for websites and various types of blogs. The length of the texts usually ranges from 1000 to 3000 words. All texts and other textual content are written uniquely and interestingly, but we also take care of including as many keywords as possible in order to affect SEO performances. Also, we offer writing the news related to current events from different types of industries, designing completely new content, collaboration with other copywriters, etc.