Secret power of email.

Email marketing has a truly amazing potential.

However, due to a lack of information, it is usually wasted in reality.

Take advantage.

Hire a team that has many years of experience working with large companies,

and catch all benefits that this type of marketing can offer.

What are the benefits?

There are several serious advantages of this type of advertising.

  • 1. Less competition

    Due to the low usage of email marketing in practice, you will always be one step ahead of your competitors.

  • 2. Greater control

    You choose your customers. This significantly increases the chances of better conversions.

  • 3. Direct access

    Quality research will allow you to outreach customers in a more direct and personalized way.

  • 4. Contact database

    You will be able to create a database of contacts that will have tremendous value in a long term.

Trust the process.

If you follow and respect a certain professional standards and procedures,

email marketing can bring great results to your business.


The first phase involves researching relevant contacts.

  • List: Determining the list of desirable industries, companies, and specific job titles of the employees.
  • Data: Doing research on relevant contact data (primarily email addresses), with mandatory respect for all privacy policies.
  • Database: Entering data into a table together with a brief job positions description, for the purpose of creating a comprehensive database.


The second phase involves creating an email template and working on its appearance.

  • Design: Designing and writing an adequate template that will be used frequently, especially for sending important emails.
  • Content: Composing carefully designed, personalized messages that illustrate the solution to a specific problem that clients have.
  • Quality: Following all modern standards when composing the text and appearance of the email, to avoid all generic forms.


The third phase is related to the strategy of sending emails.

  • Timing: Determining the most optimal time for sending emails as well as the frequency of their sending.
  • Sequences: Creating several different email sequences (steps), which aim to prepare messages of different types.
  • Types: Presentation emails, reminder emails, emails that contain a case study, testimonial emails, and so on.


Finally, we are checking the results of the whole process.

  • Tracking: Monitoring the results, ie analysis of progress on a monthly basis.
  • Tracking: Estimation of the number of opened emails, reply rates, and possible unsubscriptions from the list.
  • Tracking: Adjusting the strategy to the results of previously performed analyzes.

Everything is ready.
Start emailing today.

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