¡Hola! Soy Klara Pelhe.

I like to say for myself that I am a digital marketing and the Spanish language lover. :) If I weren't involved in marketing, I would almost certainly be a Spanish teacher, but luckily for you, I decided to enter into the 'glamorous' world of marketing.

Those who know me well often point out that what I can't find on the Internet - it probably doesn't even exist !. I am a real internet stalker, am I? ;) I'm very happy that I managed to find myself in digital marketing (or did it find me?) and that I can make a profit on that ability.

Before you start working with me, it is also very important to know that I am a passionate Real Madrid fan and it is almost impossible to get me on the phone while my favorite team is playing. :) In all other situations I am available, I promise.

I work best when I listen to music, preferably Spanish, because I never knew how to work in silence and peace, or what famous artists would say, I like to be in a personal creative chaos.

I think this is quite enough information for now, and if you are interested in something, in particular, feel free to ask. Un cordial saludo!