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Don’t be another victim of fake SEO gurus that easily promise the first place on Google.

Search engine optimization is a serious and long-term process

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There are some really important things about SEO that others probably won't tell you.

SEO misconceptions

If not taken seriously, optimization can easily become a frustrating process.

I will hire someone who will make sure my site take the first position on Google.

We have to disappoint you, but there's no guaranteed way to get your site to the top of the search results. Website optimization is a process that depends on several different factors that we cannot influence directly. That's why nobody can provide absolute guarantees like these.

I expect fast results.

Desires are one thing and possibilities are quite another. Anyone who seriously works on website optimization knows that it's a process that requires some time and patience. If you want fast results, expect some disappointments as well.

I just need to make sure i have good keywords, alt-tags & links.

This is one of the most common misconcetions of those who think that SEO is a simple process. These aspects are important, for sure, but far from that they are enough for the whole process.

Optimization is a one-time job

On the contrary, it's a continuous process, and the reason for it lies in the fact that sites require constant maintenance. If your site is technically neglected, and the content on it is out of date, it will have a very negative impact on the SEO.

Revolutionary change.

Our team believes in a completely different vision when it comes to SEO.

You too can very easily become a part of that vision.

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Phase 1: Performance

A good site's performance is a basic prerequisite for quality SEO.

How do we achieve good performance?
  • Good website platform: The platform on which the site is created significantly determines its performance. We create the latest generation of sites that, unlike WordPress sites, have unimaginably better performances.
  • Optimization of all assets: Images, fonts, videos, and other basic elements of the site must be optimized. Don't worry, one member of our team is almost obsessed with optimizing all site's elements.
  • Compliance with Google standards: Metrics such as CLS, LCP, and FID play an important role in the ranking. The klarapelhe.rs team cares deeply about respecting the those metrics.

Phase 2: Technical SEO

Semantic HTML markup is the language that search engines speak.

What makes good Technical SEO?
  • Semantic HTML: Correct HTML tags help search engines to better understand the page content. The same goes for alt-tags.
  • Correct 'head' section: Title, page description, keywords, canonical tag, open graph tags, and similar elements should be present and correctly defined on the site.
  • Sitemap, robots.txt, redirects: All types of instructions and tools that help web crawlers in the process of indexing and a better understanding of the content on the site should be in accordance with the latest web standards. Our team pays special attention to this task.

Phase 3: Content

Original, optimized, and up-to-date content has an invaluable impact on the optimization process.

How do we optimize content?
  • Keywords: Keyword research is the basis for creating optimized textual content on the site.
  • Content writing: All important textual content on your site should include previously researched keywords and phrases. Besides, the content of the site should be informative, original and up-to-date
  • Blog: Creating blog articles, individually, can probably make the biggest contribution when it comes to optimization. Texts, of course, must be original and meaningful, and they should also contain some keywords.

Phase 4: Off-site SEO

Certain activities performed outside the site can significantly improve its positioning.

What do we mean by Off-Site SEO?
  • Backlinks: If a site contains quality internal and external backlinks, taht can be a significant and very positive signal for search engines such as Google. This is how a website domain can acquire a certain SEO authority.
  • Guest blogging: Collaborating with other sites in the form of writing guest articles or blog posts can significantly improve the organic visibility of your site.
  • Social media: By placing links on social media, you can achieve greater visibility and potentially increase the authority of the linked pages.

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