What can we achieve with paid advertising?

Paid advertising is the first major step towards achieving better visibility on the Internet.

Fast results

In addition to organic advertising, it's important to know that digital marketing also heavily relies on paid advertising, which is a faster way to achieve visible results. When we talk about paid advertising, we primarily think about the creation of paid campaigns through two main digital channels, social networks, and Google advertising.

Social media effect

For advertising on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), we create all types of paid campaigns. This specifically applies to individual posts, entire pages and profiles, event promotions, etc. The main goals are: brand strengthening, increasing traffic on the site, encouraging interactions with fans, promoting applications, current events, and so on. The same rules are being applied on all social networks, while respecting all the specifics that each of them possesses.

Google advertising

Main goal of Google advertising is to reach a wider audience, potential customers and clients, which cannot be achieved if advertising is done exclusively through the social networks. The advertising process itself is done by using Google Ads tool, and depending on the goals and needs of the client, it is possible to create: Search, Display, Video, or Shopping campaigns. Special focus is placed on creating remarketing campaigns because in practice this method of advertising has proven to be very effective because it targets an audience that has already shown a certain dose of interest in your offer.


No matter what type of advertising is being done, the results are tracked through the monthly reports that show metrics such as: number of clicks, cost of individual clicks, reach, impression, engagement, click-through-rate percentage, number of fans on social networks or site visitors. Besides that, a comparative analysis is performed with previous results in order to obtain relevant data and achieve the most optimal results. Finally, the results of the analysis dictate the next steps and possible tactical changes.