What's exactly SEO Optimization?

Good and quality optimization of the content can have a crucial impact on your business.

Long-term results

After creating a strategy and a detailed work plan, the next logical step is the quality optimization of your site. It is not necessary to highlight the importance of good positioning within the most popular search engines and the effect that good ranking leaves on your customers. To achieve this goal, we must work patiently and continuously on all those elements of the site that directly affect its ranking. Several factors are decisive for quality SEO optimization, and in order for your site to have the best performance, it is essential to combine different methods at the same time.

On-Site optimization

This type of optimization is also known as On-Page SEO optimization, and it primarily refers to the detailed analysis and correction of the website performance and its constituent elements. By performance in this sense, we mean criteria such as: loading speed, optimization of all 'heavy' elements (images, fonts, video content), adaptation of the site to different types of devices, tag and meta-tag analysis, domain analysis, etc. The initial goal of such an in-depth SEO analysis is the precise detection of all disruptive factors, after which we proceed to their elimination. For the analysis purpose, we use some of the most relevant tools such as: Google Lighthouse, Page Insights, Mozilla Search Console, etc. After identifying all the shortcomings, the data is being recorded, after which the client is given a detailed insight, all in order to create space for formulating a detailed strategy for their solving. All types of analysis are always done at the very beginning and are completely free - even if the client does not eventually decide to establish cooperation.

Off-Site optimization

Off-Site SEO or Off-Page SEO optimization primarily refers to the analysis and formulation of the most relevant keywords, that we later use to achieve a better ranking of the client's website during organic searches. When analyzing keywords, we use popular tools such as: Google Keywords Planner, LinkTally, SERP Checker are many more. In addition to the keywords research by the mentioned tools, manual research is performed through the analysis of relevant Google searches and by paying attention to the competitor's websites. At the very beginning of the cooperation, the client is provided with a detailed and comprehensive report of the most popular words and phrases, and after that, we create a list of recommended keywords that should be used on the website. The next step is to modify existing website content and bring it in line with the highest SEO standards. Since link building is one of the most important aspects of Off-Site optimization, we put a special focus on working on internal and external links, as well as on finding the most adequate websites and portals with which the client's site can establish potential cooperation. A certain part of the services within this part also includes writing comments and posting links on various portals, sites and forums that can increase the traffic on the client's site, and thus influence on better ranking.