Why marketing strategy?

Main purpose of a digital marketing strategy is to provide a

full control over your online business. Strong foundation is the key to success.

It's different.

Let's consider how businesses that have a strategy differ from those that don't.

Statistically, the differences are more than obvious.

Without strategy

Unclear goals

Up to 57% of companies in the world don't have any kind of strategy, which causes major problems in defining their goals and making adequate decisions.

Low conversions

Only 22% of companies in the world are satisfied with the percentage of conversions they are achieving, and the main reason for it is the lack of a strategy that would serve for defining a specific business development plan.

Bad targeting

53% of companies have a big problem in the process of defining their target audience, simply because they aren't sure which groups they should address with their offer.

With strategy

Concrete goals

With a good marketing strategy, your business can progress gradually, from achieving small goals to the full realization of all your business ideas.

Branding and growth

Strategies provide clear guidelines for building your brand and discovering appropriate channels for the promotion of your products and services, all with the goal of achieving better conversions.


Businesses that have an adequate marketing strategy have the privilege of easily monitoring and detecting all kinds of potential problems. Always be the one in control.

Root illustration

From the scratch.

For all those who are starting their new online business, but also

for those who have decided to change things from the ground up. Strategy in a few steps.

Phase 1: Theory
1. Conversation

The first step in creating a strategy is a concrete conversation about the nature of your business, the goals you have, the budget you are willing to invest in promotion, as well as the time frame in which you plan to advertise. This consultation will help us create a detailed action plan just for you.

2. Goals

Through consultations, we will define your short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals in order to create a strategy for each individual phase and determine the metrics based on which we will monitor their effectiveness.

Phase 2: Analysis
3. Market analysis

Within this phase, we will focus on detailed market research. We will deal with SWOT analysis that will help us detect all potential strengths, but also weaknesses that your business may have in the broader context of the market.

4. Competition

Competitor analysis will help us anticipate what your starting position in the current market might look like.

Phase 3: Plan & Realization
5. Plan of activities

After the theoretical and analytical part, we will move on to creating campaigns and choosing plans for other activities. This is probably the key phase of the whole strategy, within which we will define the adequate advertising channels, the duration of the campaigns themselves, as well as the methods of budget distribution.

6. Targeting

Targeting is a process where we try to define your target audience. For example, we will formulate the characteristics of people to whom your advertising will be directed.

Phase 4: Tracking results
7. Metrics

In the end, we will define metrics based on which you will be able to easily check the effectiveness of your campaigns, as well as the entire marketing strategy.

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Strategic change.

Your business isn't progressing as fast as you expect?

That's a clear indicator it is the right time to modify your existing strategy.

Phase 1: Theory
1. Defining goals

While working on changing or modifying an existing strategy, the first necessary step for us is a consultation with you in order to accurately detect your current problems. We will also discuss what your primary goals are and which amount of budget you plan to invest in your ads.

Phase 2: Analysis
2. Competition

In order to achieve the best possible results, we have to perform a market analysis which will help us determine your own position in relation to your current competitors. Besides that, this analysis will give us clear guidelines on what needs to be changed in order to increase and maximize efficiency.

Phase 3: Plan & Realization
3. Plan of activities

Using the results of the analysis, we will redefine your current campaign plans and other related activities. The ultimate goal is to align your business with the goals we set and agreed on previously.

4. Targeting

Within the part related to redefining your existing strategy, special attention will be put on your current target group. Our team will try to find room for modifications and further refinement to make the whole targeting process as efficient as possible. The goal is that your services really reach to those who need them most.

5. Rebranding

In order to achieve your final goals, it's sometimes necessary to put some work on rebranding and modernization of your online business. Don't worry, our team of designers and copywriters is here to help you with that.

Phase 4: Tracking results
6. Metrics

Does your new strategy bring better results or not? Our team will take care of finding the answer to this question by formulating precise parameters and metrics that you will be able to easily understand and follow.

Let's be strategic.

Don't waste your precious time. Be the change you want to see in the world.

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