Digital age or stone age?

Relying solely on traditional form of business is now considered as a risky strategy.

On the contrary, online business is secure, stable and relatively predictable.


Marketing strategy

Start with a vision.

Marketing strategy is the foundation of every modern business today.

Team behind doesn't take this for granted.

You can be sure your idea is in good hands.

Two strategy approaches

We have prepared two flexible programs that can be easily tailored to your needs

It doesn't matter if you're just starting out or already have a project.

Strategy from scratch
For new ideas

Ex Nihilo

Your new business deserves a better and much more secure foundation.

  • Competitor analysis
  • Defining goals
  • Target-audience
  • Product branding
Strategy details
Strategy change
For new ambitions

Ex Materia

Let's be brave and go beyond something that others think it's impossible.

  • Activity analysis
  • Redefining goals
  • Precise targeting
  • Complete rebrending
Strategy details


Up to the stars.

If your idea is based on a strong and reliable foundations,

then, there is hardly anything that can stop it from being completely fulfilled.

That's when you realize that many boundaries are actually an illusion.

Four pillars of digital marketing

There are four different strategies that we'll be using in order to defend your idea.

This is a place where things are getting serious – but also really fun!

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Optimize your website according to latest trends.

  • Performance analysis

  • Keywords

  • Link-building

  • Meta-tags & tags

  • Image optimization

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Paid Advertising


Get really fast results with Paid Advetising

  • Google Ads

  • Social networks

  • Remarketing campaigns

  • Tracking analytics

  • Monthly reports

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Written content created by professionals

  • Social media posts

  • Creating slogans

  • Creative writing

  • Longer textual formats

  • Blog articles

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Email marketing


Surprising effects of email marketing.

  • Market analysis

  • Email database

  • Sending emails

  • Personalization

  • LinkedIn outreach



Promethean way.

Brave Prometheus had stolen a fire from Gods and gave it to the people.

The same sentiment defines our perception of education, because we really think

that someone who teaches bears a major responsibility.

Three different programs

We offer three different programs that reflects different needs of our students

All programs are flexible and easily adaptable.

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Professional training 1:1


If you want to learn some particular area of marketing, then 1:1 could be ideal option for you. Demand for skills that you'll get is extremely large, globally.

  • Learn from scratch

  • Topic deep dive

  • Relatively fast training

  • Practical tasks

  • Profitable skills

  • Dedicated mentor

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Team training


Stay connected with a very dynamic area of digital marketing.

  • Flexible format

  • Permanent training

  • Team adaptable

  • Knowledge check

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You want to give marketing a try, but you need more self-esteem?

  • Career guidance

  • Practical tasks

  • Mentor's availability

  • Tracking success

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IT Consulting

Synoptic approach.

For us, consulting isn't just some big and popular business term.

On the contrary, this is the type of a service that our team takes pretty seriously.

From that perspective many problems could be turned into solutions.

The same goal

Those who are just starting, and those who already have a business, usually have the same goal.

With the right approach, that goal could easily become a reality.

Sustainable strategy

What's the best way to present your idea to the world?

  • 1. Analytics

    First, it's necessary that your idea goes through the professional assessment of our team.

  • 2. Reports

    Then, you will get a detailed report in the form of PDF document with the results of analysis.

  • 3. Strategy

    After that, we will create a strategy that should help us in the process of defining all the necessary steps we have to take in order to maximize the ending results.

  • 4. Metrics

    Also, important part of this process is a tracking of all relevant metrics, alongside periodic reports about them.

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Secured profit.

We all know that in complicated times almost nothing is certain.

But we really believe that we've managed to find out what's the right way.

The secret lies in commitment, persistence and optimism.

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We're gonna make it.

Napoleon once said that, when you feel it's the right time to do something, then you should do that immediately. Think about it, with just one click you could change a lot.

Change everything